About the company

Our mission is to design useful everyday products, reducing our footprint on the planet.

A huge challenge!

AnotherWay is based in France, in Marseille since 2018. Our belief: there are no small gestures when we are 60 million to do it. Our dream: each day, we are doing a series of small gestures, almost without realizing it. We reduce our trash, especially plastic trash and we save the world. Our approach is pragmatic, our vision optimistic, without judgment and our ambition clear.

The Anotherway team designs sustainable, practical, healthy products for people and the planet. Our willpower is to help each person to consume better and to less polluting, without complexity. A key ingredient to achieve this: our customers and our ambassadors. We exchange every day. Our goal is to co-create our future products with them.

We are today at the beginning of this adventure. We are all convinced that involving ourselves in a project that makes sense is the best way to get there.

At the same time, Anotherway is committing to donating 1% of its turnover to the beekeeping sector.



Our first product is MyBeeWrap, a natural alternative to plastic wrap for food storage.

In the coming months, you will discover new products signed anotherway.